Processing Fictional Trauma: 11:59 Edition

Bringing myself to write this article has been more difficult than I was anticipating. For someone that writes a weekly article on processing fictional trauma, one would think that Iโ€™d be more effective at processing my own fictional trauma, but this week was really and truly harder than most for a variety of reasons. Getting... Continue Reading →


Processing Fictional Trauma: The Walking Dead Edition

MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 6 FINALE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Watching the Walking Dead on any given week is a process that requires a fair amount of mental and emotional fortitude. Viewing this show is much like gambling: each episode brings both the possibility of getting more emotionally connected to your... Continue Reading →

Processing Fictional Trauma: Ship Wars Edition

MASSIVE ARROW SPOILERS THROUGH 4x17 Iโ€™ve written a few articles now which focus on processing fictional trauma, and all of them have tended to focus on fandom reaction to a certain episode of Arrow/Legends/Flash. Itโ€™s usually new content that brings out the emotional challenges within our characters that we as a fandom have to work... Continue Reading →

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