Processing Fictional Trauma: Schism (S4 Finale) Edition

It’s hard to believe that the time has come to write an article on the season finale. It seems like just yesterday I was banding together with my new Arrow friends on Twitter in preparation for the season premiere to see what Olicity and the rest of our superheroes had been up to over the... Continue Reading →

Processing Fictional Trauma: Lost in the Flood Edition

ARROW SPOILERS THROUGH EPISODE 4x22: LOST IN THE FLOOD This week's penultimate episode of Arrow had it all: fight scenes, explosions, decades old arguments, hacker on hacker violence, no less than *counts on fingers* five villains, an Olicity embrace… and a revolving beer. It was nonstop, break neck, edge of the seat drama. And yet,... Continue Reading →

Perfect: A Modern Day Fairytale

This week, for some untold reason, I decided to Google myself as we all (probably) do occasionally. It had been a long while, and in doing so I stumbled upon a blog that I started several years ago and forgot all about. One of the entries, however, has to do with a romance novel that... Continue Reading →

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