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Chrisha Anderson is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a PhD in the study of human behavior. In clinical practice, Chrisha has worked with children, adolescents, and young adults in foster care and residential treatment settings. As a doctoral student, Chrisha conducted research looking at the impact of online science fiction fandom involvement on women’s mental health.

Chrisha’s academic research comes as a result of being a lifelong fangirl herself, and understanding the power not only of stories, games, and music, but of communities and relationships built around love of those same things. The positivity of the New Kids on the Block helped Chrisha cope with a traumatic adolescence. Playing an MMORPG gave her tools to not only overcome social anxiety, but to flourish as a guild leader.  Science fiction fandom online, and volunteering at and attending cons provided a community so profoundly inclusive and caring she knew she had to incorporate it into her profession.

In addition to fangirling, gaming, and researching, Chrisha is also a full time stay at home mom to two tiny geeks, and likes to blog about various topics including mental health, graduate school, fandom, and processing fictional trauma. To contact Chrisha for questions, collaboration, feedback, or fangirling, you can find her on Twitter or email her here.

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