The Battle for Genuineness

Lately I have been pondering the concept of genuineness. I have no doubt that this is due to my recent increased involvement in the Supernatural fandom, and having the blessing that is Misha Collins - the epitome of how being genuine can lead to the very peak of living your best, silliest, quirkiest, sexiest life... Continue Reading →


Processing Celebrity Deaths: 2016 Edition

Has there ever been a year worse for pop culture than 2016? Not in my lifetime. It feels like in many ways, as geeks and nerds, we are just starting to really hit our stride and come into our own in our communities. We’re not fringe anymore, we’re mainstream. We found each other, we gained... Continue Reading →

Processing Fictional Trauma: 11:59 Edition

Bringing myself to write this article has been more difficult than I was anticipating. For someone that writes a weekly article on processing fictional trauma, one would think that I’d be more effective at processing my own fictional trauma, but this week was really and truly harder than most for a variety of reasons. Getting... Continue Reading →

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