Processing Fictional Trauma: Monument Point Edition

MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR ARROW 4x21: MONUMENT POINT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Going into this week’s episode of Arrow, I actually wondered whether there would be much trauma for me to write about. It was being advertised as episode 1 of 3 of the season finale, so I thought perhaps they’d leave the heavy hits... Continue Reading →

Perfect: A Modern Day Fairytale

This week, for some untold reason, I decided to Google myself as we all (probably) do occasionally. It had been a long while, and in doing so I stumbled upon a blog that I started several years ago and forgot all about. One of the entries, however, has to do with a romance novel that... Continue Reading →

Processing Fictional Trauma: 11:59 Edition

Bringing myself to write this article has been more difficult than I was anticipating. For someone that writes a weekly article on processing fictional trauma, one would think that I’d be more effective at processing my own fictional trauma, but this week was really and truly harder than most for a variety of reasons. Getting... Continue Reading →

Processing Fictional Trauma: Ship Wars Edition

MASSIVE ARROW SPOILERS THROUGH 4x17 I’ve written a few articles now which focus on processing fictional trauma, and all of them have tended to focus on fandom reaction to a certain episode of Arrow/Legends/Flash. It’s usually new content that brings out the emotional challenges within our characters that we as a fandom have to work... Continue Reading →

Yellow Belt

This week is a week of epiphanies for me. Earlier this week I had lunch with my dad, who struggles with that toxic mix of depression and anxiety. That feeling where you can’t stop thinking and worrying about everything, but nor can you find the motivation to do anything about any of it, so you... Continue Reading →

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